Q: What the heck is this africa_today.exe application for ?
This application downloads video footages from IHA News Agency server along with its associated XML file which holds the story of the video shut to the subscribers pc.
Q: How do I install this application, and what are the system requirements ?
You can download the installer file from the following link. It is as simple as a mouse click. It is an application developed using .NET framework, therefore the most basic requirements are :
  • A machine with Microsoft Windows OS (Windows XP,Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Datacenter Server etc.) with an acceptable CPU power and network download bw.
  • HTTP, and FTP outbound ports should be allowed through local and corporate firewalls.
  • Your static IP address and account info must be registered on the server for authorization . So, call the nearest IHA office for making a service contract if you want to get this service.
Q: My computer is behind a NAT device. It has a private IP address, so does it still work?
Yes, It does, only if it is allowed by the intermittent firewalls to go out with a public , static ip address and connect to our server. You need HTTP,FTP, (in some cases FTP-Data ports) to allow on firewall.
Q: How does the application work?
The appliacion uses a timer that fires the download process every 5 minutes per default. The settings can be changed by setup menu later if desired. The files downloaded once will not be downloaded again unless the source content is changed on the server .
Q: How do we install it.
//kalahari.iha.tv/ClientApp/Africa_today.exe is the link you can download it from. Just save the downloaded application and execute it. It will install all necessary component including .NET Framework. You must see the setup options after the installation is completed. 
Q: How do we update the new versions.
At each restart, the application will install the newest version from our server. You need to restart the application to check if any new versions are available time to time.
Q: What is my account password and user name.
Clients normally do not need a user name and password. This authentication is maintained by a special protocol between the server and client application. They handshake before the the connection is made.
Q: My computer downloads the same video again and again. What is wrong?
Normally one content is downloaded once unless it is deleted from your file store and local information database manually. If it downloads the same file even if the content is there, try to auto-update the application by restarting it. Or, download the newest one from our server  and uninstall&install it manually if this does not work out.
Q: I ınstalled the application but noting happenes.
It seems that there is not any new content assigned to the the public subscibers or spesificly to you.