Dear Africa Today client;
The first step to becoming a client is to download the IHA Africa Today client application. You will need a public internet-facing PC with a Microsoft OS, enabled for outbound ftp connection to our server .
The application should be downloaded and opened from here:

On downloading and opening the IHA Africa Today client, you may get a message like the one below if your subscription has not been activated yet.

In addition to that , there will be a red bar at the top of the application indicating the status of your subscription to the IHA News Delivery service. It will also notify you your current ip address on the customer information section. Close the application and send us the IP address of the machine you are using (optionally found using on your browser as well).

Your application will get enabled,immediately after we enter your specific account information to our server, as you can see through the CUSTOMER INFORMATION menu selection.
When you open the application again you will be required to set a few parameters. Go to Settings and choose,
When you save settings, the application will re-start.
NOTE : You can delete entries from today's download list to reinitiate the download of specific files. Log history is only for reference.
You are now up and running as a trial client of IHA Africa Today.
Welcome on board!